O’Neill Morgan can help you with your Will. This protects you in any of the following circumstances:

Spouses/Civil Partners

Under the Intestacy Rules your Spouse /Civil Partner will automatically inherit the first £250, 000 of your estate if you have children or your entire estate if you have no children.  The remainder of the estate will be divided in half, with half going straight to your surviving spouse and the other half being divided between surviving children. If this does not reflect your wishes, contact us to arrange making a Will.


If you have any children that could potentially be under 18 years of age in the event of your death, it is important to appoint a legal guardian in your Will, allowing them to be cared for by a trusted person of your choice.  It is also paramount that you consider making adequate financial provisions for them such as a trust which they can access when they attain 21 or 25 years old.

Joint home owners

In the event of your death would you want your co-owner to automatically inherit your share of the property? If not, contact us to discuss changing your ownership to ‘tenants in common’ enabling you to leave your share of the property to your children or whoever you choose.

Unmarried Partners

If you want your partner or step children to inherit any of your estate, you must specify this in your Will. Your partner will not otherwise be able to access any of your separately owned bank accounts in the event of your death, even if you consider this to be jointly owned money.

You should consider amending your existing Will if you:

  • Marry/enter into a Civil Partnership– your existing Will is automatically cancelled by these events unless a clause is included to confirm your Will was made in contemplation of that Marriage/Civil Partnership.
  • Divorce – this does not automatically invalidate a Will made during your marriage however it does exclude your ex-spouse or civil partner from benefitting if they are mentioned in your Will.
  • Buy a new property or have recently obtained valuable assets

Once you have written your Will you should review it regularly to make sure it continues to reflect your wishes.

Trying to make your own Will, without legal assistance, can lead to mistakes or lack of clarity and could mean that your Will is invalid.

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