Fixed Fee Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration Only Service

Fixed Fee Grant of Probate / Letters of Administration Only Service

We charge a fixed price of £650.00 for obtaining the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. Our charges do not include VAT, which we will add to your bill at the applicable rate, currently 20%, plus any disbursements. Should you require us to undertake any further work in respect of this matter such as assistance with the distribution of the Estate, this will be charged in accordance with our normal hourly rates.In addition, if a matter or transaction does not reach a conclusion, we reserve the right to charge for the work done, using our normal charging basis of up to £215.00per hour. This applies even where a fixed rate has been agreed for the whole matter.

Victoria Davidson is a solicitor with over 10 years’ experience and is Head of our Wills and Probate department. Her hourly rate is £215.00.In addition to the rates above, VAT is charged at the rate applicable, currently 20%. Our charging rates are reviewed annually, and any changes shall be confirmed in writing to our clients. You can find further information regarding Victoria by visiting the Our Team section on our website.

Stages of grant only service includes:

  • Instruction meeting
    • Completion of Inheritance Tax HMRC 205 form and Statement in support of application to Probate Registry
    • Attendance upon executors for approval and signature of documents
    • Submitting papers to the Probate Registry
    • Obtaining Grant
    • Forwarding Grant to Executors


The average timescales:

Applications for Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration usually take 6 to 12 weeks from receiving your instructions to receipt of the Grant of Representation. This is on the basis that all the necessary information required to complete the application is provided within two weeks of the initial meeting.

Additional matters that can affect fees and timescales:

The above fixed fee assumes we are only instructed to obtain the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.  Further fees will be payable in accordance with our hourly rates if there are any complications arising from the Will,  or if you require assistance with the administration of the Estate.

Issues that would incur additional charges:

  • Advice relating to the distribution of the Estate.
  • Advice relating to the validity of the Will.
  • Advice relating to the Executors or Beneficiaries.
  • Where the deceased was domiciled abroad.
  • Completion of the IHT form 400 when the IHT205 is not appropriate.
  • Claim of the Residential Nil Rate Band.
  • Transfer of the Residential Nil Rate Band.
  • Transfer of the IHT Nil rate band.
  • Valuing assets within the estate.
  • Dealing with any utility providers e.g., insurance, utilities, council tax.
  • Advertising of statutory notices. (Trustee ActNotice)
  • Any conveyancing which may be required to deal with the property.
  • Any Inheritance tax, income tax or capital gains tax issues.
  • Dealing with any Legacies in the Will.
  • Payment of debts and liabilities in the Estate.
  • Collection and distribution of assets.
  • Preparation of estate accounts.
  • Advice in connection with variation of the estate or drafting any documentation relating to this.
  • Dealing with any disputes which may arise.

If any complications arise, we will write to you to discuss the likely impact on timescales and costs before proceeding.



Disbursements are expenses that we must pay to third parties on your behalf. The following disbursement will be required:

  • Probate Court Fee – £155 with additional copies of the probate charged at 50p each

Optional disbursements:

  • Legal notices to creditors – £200 + VAT (estimated)
  • Land Registry search – £3
  • Bankruptcy search fee – £2 per name searched


We send detailed client care and terms of business letters to the executors of the estate and an invoice is raised upon receipt of the Grant of Representation.